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Pet Policy

Additional pet charges include:

As a pet-friendly apartment community, we have developed the following guidelines to help make sure we are

respecting all of our residents. Please disclose any and all pets that will reside in your apartment.

All pets must be authorized and registered with management prior to pet taking occupancy.

In addition, if you have a pet, we highly recommend rental insurance. 

We welcome cats and dogs; maximum of two (2) pets per apartment. Exotic animals or reptiles, such as ferrets,

pigs, rabbits, snakes, birds, lizards, rodents, etc., are prohibited. Aggressive dog breeds, such as Doberman,

Pit Bull, Pit Bull mixes, Rottweiler, etc., are also prohibited. Cats and dogs of all ages are welcome; however,

pets under 1-year of age will require an additional pet fee. Please see below for further information. 

An accommodation request must be submitted in writing for an “emotional support or service animal" to be

approved and authorized to reside within our community. Current veterinarian records are

also required of all animals. Pet owners must provide current veterinarian

records prior to taking occupancy and all pet(s) must be spayed/ neutered. 


Pet Fee (Non-Refundable), $150.00 per pet

Pet Deposit (Refundable), $250.00 per pet

Monthly Pet Rent, $20.00 per month per pet



Pet Fee (Non-Refundable), $300.00 per pet

Pet Deposit (Refundable), $250.00 per pet

Monthly Pet Rent, $20.00 per month per pet

As a pet owner, please take full responsibility for them by ensuring the following:

- Pet feces will be properly disposed of immediately;

prohibited along sidewalks, walking paths, and parking lot

- Pet will not cause noise disturbances, will not be left unattended on the porch/ balcony 

- Pet will be properly leashed at all times when not inside your apartment  


Visiting pets are also not allowed. If you have any questions about any of these guidelines please contact management. 

Pets under 1-year of age:

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